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The style of Nathaniel Roland’s music can best be characterized as Experimental Post Rock Shoegaze Blues. His music has been described as “fearless and honest.”

Nathaniel’s music is an eclectic mix of styles and influences, blending together to create something unique and captivating. His voice is a powerful tool, able to soar above the instrumentation while still retaining a natural quality. It has a sensual, dark edge that adds a layer of complexity to his sound. His songs are melodic and catchy, but never sound forced or plastic. Instead, they are filled with a dynamic energy and emotion that draw you in and keep you coming back for more.
The riddle of Nathaniel is whether it is his music or his resolute spirit that gets him through such things as the childhood diagnosis of Muscular Dystrophy, which taught him to live beyond the pain, fatigue and weakness of his disease, to the lung cancer he survived in 2016. Music and the abiding need to create it, paired with his stubborn will to thrive in dire circumstances work symbiotically to keep both the man and his music moving ahead.

Bad Part of Town

A new album of 8 original songs, written and performed by Nathaniel Roland

Coming June 30, 2023


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