Bring on 2017!

Time to say goodbye to 2016. I’m not gonna lie, this was a tough year. I made it through cancer, but a close friend of mine didn’t. We also lost some big names in the last year, Lemmy, Bowie, Prince, Leonard Cohen, and Carrie Fisher to name some of my favorites. Has someone looked in on Tom Waits? We need to make sure he’s safe….


Good things are coming in 2017.

Picture here is my new Orange TH30 1×12 combo amp that I won from Orange Amplification on Christmas Day. This little 1×12″ sounds killer and I can’t wait to start recording with it.


I’ve already got 6 or 7 new songs, and this time they will be full songs, with lyrics, harmonies… the whole 9 yards. I’ll spare no expense, unless it costs real money. If it costs money I’ll have to pass lol. This will probably be recorded and mixed at my home studio, unless someone wants to volunteer to mix this untamed  beast.

Also, I could use a producer, I sometimes find it hard to produce myself, not that I’m a difficult artist to work with, but, because I start to second guess my songs when I wear all the hats- songwriter, musician, recording engineer, & producer.

I’m hoping to have some special guests on this album and hoping to have it out sometime this summer.

Well, I’m babbling now, time to go. I hope 2016 didn’t defeat you too badly, and I hope good things come to us all in 2017.

Peace, love & music,