New Album – Prairie Dogs Have Plague!

prairie-dogs-have-plague-front-coverThis is an album of song ideas that have accumulated over the last 10 years. These short little ditties were all just stragglers, wandering around on my hard drive, not doing anything. They were just train track hobos with no jobs or ambitions…. Just some bastard songs who had no home. So, I decided to build them this little “hobo camp” of an album.

Many of these ideas were late night ramblings, I would move on to the next idea before fully flushing out the last idea and never actually finishing them. Kind of like “musical A.D.D.”

Over the last few months I’ve gone back and finished some of these songs. At first I wanted to release an epic 31 song, 46 minute album with a bunch of really short unfinished songs that all ran together… But, I’ve decided to do a shorter more cohesive album of 8 songs. I think some of these songs would be great for a movie or even a tv theme song.

I’ve worked pretty hard on this the last few months, many late nights were spent in front of my computer recording various instruments. I’m not saying this album is the next Sgt. Pepper, hell, I’m not even saying it’s any good. But, I like it. I had fun recording it, and I hope you have fun listening to it.

And, to answer your question, yes they do have bubonic plague. Look it up.

Don’t worry about the other 22 train track hobo songs… I’ll be putting them to work in my studio real soon, hopefully with some guest musician friends (apply within), because music is more enjoyable with friends!

Ok, go give it a listen… ENJOY!

It’s also available for purchase here.

Peace, love & music,